Are s/he products really 100% natural? 

Absolutely! Our entire line is all natural and organic. Our cherished ingredients come from the earth and ocean. All botanicals and raw materials are wildcrafted, locally sourced or sustainably harvested. No synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, harmful preservatives or words you can’t pronounce, never ever. 


Who makes them? 

All products are handcrafted by s/he studio. And both the product formulations and scent profiles too are created in-house.


Where do your ingredients come from?

Our plant oils come from all over the world, but we source and harvest local ingredients whenever possible as with our California Olive Oil, Pacific Coast Sea Salt and Seaweed. Many of our herbs and essential oils are grown or wildcrafted in Northern California and sourced from different regions of the US.


Are products made for women and men?

s/he is gender natural. All products are made for she+he. We craft formulations based on the natural environments that inspire us, make us feel grounded and alive.


How long do your products last?

Because our products really are all natural and we don’t use any unnatural preservatives, they typically have a shelf life of about one year if stored at room temperature and kept out of direct sunlight. We often use Vitamin E or Rosemary Antioxidant to extend the natural shelf life of our products.


How does one use Body Oil?

Body Oil can be used in so many ways! We recommend using it as a moisturizer after bathing and applying liberally from neck-to-toe or by simply adding it to the tub when taking a bath. A few drops in the palm of your hand is great for nourishing dry hair or conditioning beards. Each of our aromatic blends can positively enhance the way you feel so be sure to use often and breathe deeply. 


Why do some of the oil blends vary in color or clarity?

We use a combination of organic plant oils, herb infusions and essential oils. All botanicals have different characteristics depending on where they come from. For example, plant resins are often times thick and sometimes cause a bit of cloudiness compared to lighter essential oils that may come from a plant’s aerial parts, while herbs like horsetail and calendula create infusions rich in color that match their natural state. All of these factors add up to a final result that provides the most natural and beneficial product experience possible.


Are there nut oils in any of your products?

Yes, we use Almond Oil in our Body Oil blends because it’s such a nice complement to the skin’s natural sebum. It’s also used in our Herbal Skin Balm.


Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not, we love our animal friends. s/he products are thoroughly vetted by our male and female friends alike.