s/he is...

An herbal maker
Forest dweller
Beach wanderer
City slicker at times 
On a quest to reinvent and reconnect
Healing with nature
Taking the long road
Enjoying the ride
And breathing along the way 

On a mission to live naturally in all facets of life, Dawn De La Fuente created s/he as a way to deepen her own connection with nature. Having studied Herbalism in Northern California and now expanding her practice to incorporate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Dawn uses her herbal wisdom to craft all natural and organic skin and body care products intended for the preservation of self. She believes plant medicine is the most effective way to calm the mind, nourish the body and enliven the spirit, and that now is the time to focus on employing more of nature’s benefits into our daily lives.

An avid traveler, Dawn finds inspiration in the natural landscapes of the ocean, forest and desert and uses her experiences as a foundation for formulating. Built on the three pillars of Ritual, Nature and Craft, s/he celebrates the time honored tradition of self-care. A simple combination of salt, herbs and earth, s/he is intended for both women and men. Dawn formulates based on need versus want and allows products to develop under the guidance of the natural ingredients and their medicinal benefits first and foremost. She consults with fellow herbalists and respected Bay Area aromatherapists when needed to ensure s/he products are of the highest quality and efficacy.